What’s the word?

I would recommend Victoria’s work as a translator and editor without hesitation. She devotes painstaking care to each and every project, and she genuinely cares about the quality of her work. The work we have done together has always highlighted for me Victoria’s enthusiasm for excellence and dedication to her clients. The work ethic and skill that Victoria exhibits on each project make her a great asset to any team.
— Jamie H., Tilde Language Services

We have been using Victoria’s services for a couple of years now and all the projects regardless of their complexity have been delivered impressively fast with the highest level of accuracy.

Thank you for your responsiveness, excellent customer service, and your commitment to meeting our deadlines even though we did have several last minute projects; they were completed ahead of schedule and exceeded all expectations.
— Olga S., President of Languages Creative, LLC

Victoria’s attitude towards work is at all times proactive and highly responsive. She raises queries whenever in doubt, so that everything is clear before, during, and after her projects. She always shows a great capacity for teamwork and collaboration. She is simply one of those positive individuals that you like having on board.
— Francesc M., iDISC Information Technologies