Hola. Mucho gusto.

I’m Victoria. I’ve been a proud word nerd for as long as I can remember. “Put that book down and go outside” was a frequently heard refrain in my household.

Spanish has been part of my life since I was a child, and my love for the language and love for words go hand-in-hand. It’s no wonder I became a translator.

I studied Spanish alongside sociology and communication arts in college, and I went on to study in Mexico and Costa Rica. I obtained a master’s degree in Spanish translation from Kent State University’s Institute of Applied Linguistics, and here we are. I have been taking care of your words as a professional translator since 2012.

Not much has changed since the bookworm days of my youth, and these days, the familiar refrain in my house is “Woof, woof” [Translation: Put that book down and take me for a walk].